33902_101725976564185_6006787_n1”Cura is excellent at what she does. I am a chiropractor and have interviewed, employed and worked with many talented massage therapist and d bodyworkers. Cura is one of the best. I met Cura at a yoga retreat in Goa where I was doing 3-5 hours of yoga per day. Cura not only led my yoga class one afternoon but I also had the chance to schedule an ayurvedic yoga massage with her right after. It was one of the best massages I ever had. It felt wonderful and her work helped me recover from my many hours of yoga. Cura’s combination of different massage techniques, her knowledge of the human body through yoga, and her thoughtful loving personality combine to form a beautiful package. Allow her to help you and you won’t be sorry! Thank you, Cura, you’re awesome!” 

> Dr. Mylo Magtoto, Chiropractor, Los Angeles.

”My massage with Cura was amazing. She worked generously, with great awareness, and a nurturing grace. She works with a perfect balance of both; stirha and sukha, firmness253452_1783631193043_652500_n1 and gentleness. Both my body and mind felt completely relaxed and peaceful. I experienced a feeling of profound equanimity. I floated, out of the treatment room, feeling wonderfully euphoric.”

>Tania Cordes, Yoga instructor, England.                                                                 



”Cura has a special gift which I feel privileged to have experienced -the Shiatsu massage she gave me during my Goa yoga retreat in March 2012 was amazing. The slow, precise pressure applied to various points triggered incredible releases which left me feeling light in body and in spirit. The Reiki at the end was unreal and like nothing, I have ever felt before. Cura was as delighted as I was that the treatment had been so successful, in a way I felt must be unique to Cura.  I only wish I could have taken her back to the UK with me!”

> Emma Bridge, England