I was born in Brazil, Salvador, the capital of Bahia and grew up in Porto Seguro surrounded by music, rhythms and very close to nature. I also was fortunate to grow up in a very openhearted, loving family that always has been there to support me. My interest in alternative therapies and spirituality started at the age of 16. I was introduced to Reiki (hands-on healing modality form Japan) and started to practice meditation and read books about different religions occultism and shamanism, I was living in my ”new age” teenage bubble. I moved to a big city for studies and it was very hard for me to adjust.  Yoga came to add when I was searching for an alternative to relieve anxiety and to help with insomnia (at that time I didn’t know about Ayurveda yet). A year later I suffer from a big loss, my best friend passed away in an accident, and that event had a huge impact on my life. It led me to search for the deep meaning of life. I was not happy living in a city, I loved to be immersed in nature, wanted to travel, explore and see the world. So when I turned 18 I spent 9 months traveling in South America visiting communities and learning Spanish. I never felt so alive even tho it was very challenging to travel abroad at a very young age with very little resources. That trip taught me important lessons, humbleness, trust, and surrender. I started believing that there is something really mysterious and amazing about this life. 

Back in Brazil and settled for 4 years, I studied Permaculture (sustainable design systems) and had my own land together with my mother. We created our little paradise, lived off-grid (no electricity) close to the land, growing our vegetables and had a little restaurant in town to sustain ourselves. Those were very special times but we were also very isolated from the world. I needed community, to have people of the same interest to share with. So I jumped into my next adventure through Central America, visited stunning places getting inspired by one of the most ancient cultures of the world. I volunteered in a Yoga Ashram in Mexico where I dived deeper into my yoga practice for 3 months. I came out of there renewed and with a new vision for myself. I took a pause of 2 years after that in a small village in Guatemala (San Marcos La Laguna) where I started to work as a massage therapist professionally, did a few massage courses and taught my first yoga classes, something I dreamed about but didn’t expect would happen so soon. I’m glad that I had that opportunity! It was the beginning of my training as a teacher. Facing my worse fears of talking in public and learning English at the same time.

In 2010 I fulfilled the dream to travel to India. I was in Rishikesh, doing my 200hrs Yoga teacher training. Just to be there was part of the training. I wanted to learn the traditional Hatha Yoga. My teachers were Indian and I barely understood them in the beginning. The heat was unbearable sometimes but there was something so magical about that place. Right after completing my training I went to the north of India and there I met the father of my daughter from Sweden, and together we traveled between Europe and India the 3 following years.

did another yoga training in Goa and taught drop-in classes at Ashiyana Resort where I met great teachers from all over the globe and I began to expand my understanding of yoga integrating different styles in my practice. I fell in love with the creative and fluid Vinyasa, the heart connection of Bhakti Yoga (meditation by singing mantras) and with a more therapeutic approach to Yoga called Elemental Yoga Therapy understanding the 5 elements and their influence in our lives blending the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. That training influence deeply my teachings today. 

Back in my homeland, Brazil, I encountered a strong and beautiful yoga community. Felt like everything I experienced abroad was preparing me for that.  I realized how much I missed my roots and my family. It was beautiful to reconnect. It was a time of deepening and flourishing my yoga practice and Ayurveda knowledge with Adarsha Ma Prem, discovered my own voice playing and singing mantras in events and yoga retreats with Kathy Lobos and integrated Ayurvedic Yoga Massage as the main massage technic I work today, thanks to Raquel Trofino, Maiana Junqueira, and Ma Bodhigita. Met soul mates for life, all beautiful and talented people who I learned so much from. I moved to Sweden in 2016 and a year later I had a daughter, Anita, the love of my life and greatest teacher. 

Looking back and thinking about all the places I have been, the people I have met and the choices I made, that led me to this moment and place. It is a mysterious life and beautiful and exciting.  My new home today is in a small town in south Sweden, Båstad, and here I found a lovely community of people who makes my adaptation to this new chapter of my life more soothing.

I have my own Massage/Yoga company, also work at Skansen Spa Hotel , teach regular classes at Yogalito Studio and organize retreats in Sweden and soon, retreats abroad together with Steph Sanders from Colorado. 

So much to look forward to! Check future events and for class schedules, check my contact page. 






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