Private Classes


 A great start for most people is a 101 class with a teacher who can help you build a strong foundation for your practice that you can sustain for years. 

In a PT class, I  use mostly yoga props (blocks, belts, chair, bolster and wall kurunta) to help you deepen into poses with more stability and safety. It gives you the chance to understand every action of the pose without straining. You will feel more freedom of motion and space for breathing using props in the beginning. After some time, the props will be less needed as you are able to find your inner strength and focus. 

Wall Kurunta

I offer mini-workshops maximum for 2 people using the Yoga Kurunta also known as Rope Wall. The Rope Wall is one of yoga’s most therapeutic props. Practicing Yoga Kurunta is a great way to open the body and release tension in the spine and pelvic area. Using ropes allows better access to poses while achieving accuracy, agility, and balance and provides an antidote for the stiffness that tends to settle into the body. Besides that, to practice with the kurunta is a lot of fun!

Positive Effects of Yoga Kurunta:

  • The spinal traction helps relieve back pain and tension.
  • Stretches work well for hamstrings, shoulders, and chest.
  • All major muscle groups are stretched and strengthened.



Chair Hatha Yoga

You’ve never realized how useful a chair can be until you’ve done a Hatha Chair Yoga class. In a PT class, you will learn how to use the chair for support and to get into the muscles that are meant to be stretched and strengthened with each pose. Get ready to go deep! Suitable for beginners and more experienced students.

chiar hatha yoga



Chair Yin Yoga

To help you to turn off and calm the mind, practice Yin or Restorative yoga postures daily. In this private class, we will go through a series using the support of the chair that can work wonders. It purposely includes few postures, so you can hold each one for as long as it is comfortable. Includes in this class guided meditation and aromatherapy.






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