Private Classes


A one-on-one yoga class is an opportunity for you to dive deeper into your practice whether you have just discovered yoga, needing to recover from an injury or have been practicing yoga for some time.

We will use yoga props ( blocks, belts, chair,  bolster and wall kuruntas ) to help you deepen into poses with more stability and safety. It gives you the chance to understand every action of the pose without straining. You will feel more freedom of motion and space for breathing using props in the beginning. After some time, the props will be less and less needed as you are able to find your inner strength and focus. 

Wall Kurunta

I also created a whole class on the wall kurunta (rope wall) that will challenge your relationship to gravity, giving a new perspective of the poses. Besides that, it is fun!

This summer I will be offering Mini-workshops with the kuruntas. You choose what you wanna focus on backbends, arm balances, inversion or a combo. 

We will use the support of the wall kurunta to build strength, flexibility, stability, go through poses step by step so you feel safe with the kurunta and relax into it. 






Book a private class through my contact page. 🙂